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Garage Door Service in Stratford, CT

Need help with basic garage door service or a new installation? Our team at Garage Door Repair of Stratford, CT is ready to go! We are proud to be a service leader in the Stratford and surrounding area. Give us a call now for immediate and reliable same day service.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck, Don’t Panic!

Does it seem like your garage door has a mind of its own? Or you’re experiencing a situation where it won’t close completely before it starts going back up again? Or, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t?

Malfunctioning garage doors can cause headaches. Sometimes it won’t close all the way before it starts to go back up again. Or it’s a situation where it works one minute and quits the next. Don’t get frustrated!

A quick check and small adjustments might mean you can diagnose the problem yourself. Or, you might need the help of one of our professionals. Here are a few things you can check first if you have one of those stubborn garage doors:

  • Are the rollers staying in the tracks all the way up and down?
  • Are the tracks bent?
  • Do the eye sensors look damaged, out of alignment, or even covered with dirt or debris?
  • Does it make a loud noise when opening and closing?
  • Is the weather seal at the bottom torn or missing?

We work with people every day to help solve and repair these and a host of other issues our customers face. Contact us if you notice anything wrong. Take comfort that we are here to help!

What Goes Into Standard Maintenance?

Emergency garage door service is one of our many specialties. We also want homeowners to take full advantage of our regular maintenance services. Scheduling routine maintenance with us will help avoid those crisis situations. Call us to set up an annual Lube N’ Tune to ensure your door operates for years to come.

Rollers, springs, and other moving parts need lubrication. Some openers with a chain assembly also require extra attention. We’ll check for any loose hardware and make the needed adjustments, so it runs like new!

Why Have Garage Doors Serviced Regularly?

We highly recommend having your door serviced yearly even if you don’t notice any glaring issues. The best method is to select a regular time of year and maintain consistency. Some of our regular customers prefer the spring, while others like the fall to get ahead of the cold weather.

In addition to the Lube N’ Tune, our technicians will inspect anything that should be adjusted. The tech will check and adjust the spring tension so that the door works at optimal performance. The worst thing is having to deal with a door that breaks unexpectedly and leaves you stuck. A routine visit from one of our trained professionals is especially beneficial in helping your door running smoothly. For all of your garage door service needs, call us without delay.

Call Us For Same-Day Garage Door Service!

The friendly professionals at Garage Door Repair of Stratford, CT are ready to assist with all your repair needs. Call us and we can arrive the same day because no one likes the inconvenience of a broken garage door. Just pick up the phone and book an appointment today!

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